How to create a Sphere using Adobe Illustrator CC

Step 1: Select the Ellipse Tool

Step 2: Create a circle by holding down shift and dragging your mouse

Step 3: Once the circle is made. Navigate to the ‘Pen’ tool

Step 4: With the pen tool selected, click once above the circle and once below the circle to create a vertical line that divides the circle in two pieces

Step 5: Next, select the ‘Divide’ tool from the ‘Pathfinder’ window

Step 6: Click on the object and select ‘Ungroup’

Step 7: Delete the left half of the circle

Step 8: Click on the right half of the circle and navigate to Effect:: 3D :: Revolve

Step 9: Click on ‘Preview’ and adjust the diffusion as you like. Once you are happy with the result, click OK

Step 10 (optional): Change the color by clicking on the second color in your pallete and changing to the desired option

Step 11 (optional): To reduce CPU usage, navigate and click Object :: Expand Appearance