How to make a Gradient Vector Object in Adobe Illustrator CC

Quick Tips

  • Use the keyboard shortcut (V) to select the ‘Selection Tool’ to select an object
  • Use the keyboard shortcut (A) to select the ‘Direct Selection Tool’ to select points of an object and adjust them

Step 1: Select the ‘Rectangle” tool

Step 2: Click over the canvas and drag your mouse to create the desired object (in this case a vertical rectangle)

Step 3: Click on the ‘Gradient Fill’ button underneath the black and white color swatch on the left hand panel

Step 4: Adjust the gradient colors by double clicking on them and selecting desired colors

Step 5: Use the gradient slider to adjust the Vertex of the gradient to desired effect

Step 6: To rotate the gradient or adjust the diameter, click ‘Edit Gradient’

Step 7: Hover over the left or right point to bring up the ‘rotate’ icon and hold and drag your mouse to rotate the gradient

Step 8: Adjust the gradient effect to Circular by clicking on ‘Radial Gradient’

Step 9: You may switch the color gradient order by holding and dragging the color icons on the gradient slider

Step 10: Adjust the radius of the gradient by holding the right point of the gradient and dragging your mouse outward

Step 11: For more advanced gradients with more color variants, select ‘Freeform Gradient’

Step 12: Select the gradient points on the object and change their colors to the achieve the desired effect